Dr. Tony Monahan

     I am a self-taught artist and have been producing artwork since 1997.  I started working with acrylic paints on canvas and soon switched to working with papers, specifically paper structure. I also delve into photography and digital imagery.  I generally consider my art to be educational in nature. I strive for my work to engage children along with adults, with intention to inform as well as entertain. 

     I tend to see and construct my artwork predominantly through the use of turtles, which manifest themselves in various designs and patterns.  A carapace is the turtle’s shell (specifically the top half).  The shape and design of its shell universally identify this particular animal to all people and cultures.  Along with protection and strength, the shell of a turtle provides intricate designs, color and geometrical structure. 

Artistic Mediums

Paper Structures- procured papers layered with mat board and constructed with glue, rice starch, and reinforced with stainless steel screws, nuts and bolts.

Paintings –Acrylic paint on stretched canvass

Photography – Photographs of various turtles and tortoises

Shelleidoscopes – Digital image extrapolations of turtle and tortoise shell photography.

Standing with Dermochelys Coreacea (submerged) at the Graduate School offices, University of California, Berkeley